Chucks Excavating Incorporated
Backhoe Work - Retaining Walls - Driveway Construction - Sewer Water and Septic Systems - Bobcat Work - Concrete/Blacktop Tear outs - Demolition - Trucking - Snowplowing


Chuck is in charge. He organizes all the jobs and does all the bidding. Always making sure the end result meets the highest quality of standards. He also makes sure all the day to day work and projects are on track and in communication with the customers.


Jesse is Chuck's oldest son. Jesse just gets the work done. He will be the first one on the job and the last one to leave. He takes pride in the work he does.


Sr Shovel Specialist

Brandon is Chucks youngest son. He takes care of most of the trucking services. He is known to be the hardest worker on the job.



Sandy takes most care of the office work. Anything from billing, paper work, finaces, to insurances.